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Family Bible, was designed with an intricate portrait of an extended family celebrating their patriarch’s 80th birthday at its heart. He refused to travel, so we were invited to his house to create a catered party for the occasion, and collaborated with a  local boutique hotel to do a pop-up, with outstanding ‘local’ food and custom drinks. 

The main event of the day–a detailed portrait to illustrate the family’s story-saw us transform the garage into a dreamy wonderland. Basing our concept for the picture on interwoven narratives of the family provided by our client, we brought in our team of Set-Designers, Wardrobe Stylists and Makeup artists to make magic. For icing on this delicious cake, we then turned the whole behind-the-scenes story of the day into a 200-page edition of our beautiful, archival art-object, THAT BOOK, so that the family can celebrate this day forever, and share it with  future generations. 

The concept for the book's design is ‘Punk Bible’. The family’s Bible had such deep meaning in their story, and we knew it needed to play a major role, so for the cover we photographed its front cover and used the image to create brasses for de-bossing. We then wrapped the book in pink velvet fabric as a reference to the avant-garde nature of the family, and hot foil-stamped it with the design from their original book. Inside selected pages have been laminated for a low-fi 80’s feel, the biographies provided by our client are included, and pages of fabric incorporated to evoke the costumes they were dressed in for the shoot. Every detail was designed about them, and for them–entirely specific to them. The family has requested privacy so we have withheld any photos of their faces.


We cannot wait to collaborate with you on your photography experience, no matter where in the world. We can even help you conceive and design the details of your event, before we capture it with photography, and bind it into a luxury heirloom art-object to be treasured for generations.

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