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Lake Tahoe was created for a lively Californian family, to capture the exuberance and adventure of their action-packed life with the imagery being captured over a Fall long-weekend, at their summer home in the High Sierras. Wanting to reflect the wild abandon with which this family live - we bound the piece it in a Midnight-Blue velvet, and de-bossed it with a woodgrain pattern to evoke an elevated woodsy vibe. We added the focal point of the family's name carved into the lower right corner as if one of the children had carved it into a tree.


Creating emotive images of family and love, we turned them into a luxury heirloom object, utilizing a variety of papers and textures, incorporating original illustration, bespoke ephemera (like cards and letters able to be taken out and handled) translucent overlays of maps and imagery to evoke emotion and a sense of adventure. The result was a rich interpretation of the family's experience, to be passed down and celebrated for generations to come.



We cannot wait to help you design, produce and execute your photography experience, no matter where in the world. We can even help you conceive the details of your event, before we capture it with photography and bind it into a luxury heirloom art-object to be treasured for generations.

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