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Sayulita was designed and crafted for beautiful Dee, to capture the vibrance, vitality and emotion of her family's trip  to Mexico to celebrate her 50th birthday. Setting out to make a book fit for a princess - like little girls dream of - we bound it in gold-foil blocked leather, and encrusted the spine with rubies and garnets to evoke a fairytale vibe. The Sacred Heart Milagro embedded in the cover was chosen to be the central motif, and interpretations of the heart were woven throughout the book's pages.


We created emotive images of family and love and turned them into a luxury heirloom object, utilizing a variety of papers and textures, incorporating original illustration, bespoke ephemera (like postcards able to be taken out and handled) hand-painted fabric and Mexican embroidery to create narrative, emotion and a deep sense of place.We used acetate, and die-cutting,  and created miniature custom designed books which we sewed into the spine to create a rich interpretation of the family's experience, to be celebrated for generations to come.



We cannot wait to help you design, produce and execute your photography experience, no matter where in the world. We can even help you conceive the details of your event, before we capture it with photography and bind it into a luxury heirloom art-object to be treasured for generations.

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